People who love sneakers love to take pictures of them, too, and they’ve been doing so for over a decade on the Internet. Previously, this took place on forums such as NikeTalk or Sole Collector, but since its inception in 2010, Instagram has become the hot spot for footwear nerds to pull out their iPhones, bend all the way forward, take the perfect picture, and share it with all of their friends.

With that said, the competition to have the best sneaker-related account on the Internet is ultra competitive. Folks love to flaunt their footwear collections and flex on everyone else with the quality and creativity of their photos, whether it’s a snap of their latest purchase or an original pair of Air Jordan 1s from 1985.

More than a handful of people have mastered crafting really attractive sneaker-centered Instagram accounts, amassing a few thousand followers with the click of their camera lenses. But with so many people posting sneakers on Instagram, it can be difficult to find the worthwhile people to follow—​because, really, who wants to mess up their followers-to-following ratio anyway? Here are The Best Sneaker Accounts to Follow on Instagram.