Adidas Superstars are classics, no doubt about it. You should wear these with the same outfit you always wear. Whenever someone asks me about the current state of menswear, I always say something like “It’s in flux, or it’s focused on materials and cut right now, instead of focusing dogmatically on particular styles or silhouettes. Menswear’s about experimenting right now, which helps explain how schizophrenic the trends seem today." That's a great quote for your thesis if you're looking for one. Feel free to use it. But the true reality is that we all just wear the same outfit all the time. Did you guys know that the whole time Lawrence worked here, he wore the same black hoodie and black jeans everyday? I’m pretty sure Skylar wears the same kind of obscure trackpants and a really nice wool topcoat and I wear the same pair of jeans and long shirt everyday. The only thing we change is our shoes. So get a pair of all white Superstars so you can have two big, shell toe bricks of yayo to pair with the same outfit you wear every day.