There aren't many celebrity sneaker deals that can contend with Run-DMC's allegiance to adidas. The group's contract was actually the first-ever endorsement in rap music, and although we know that they loved them — hell, "My adidas" is arguably their biggest song — it's a little more difficult to pinpoint exactly why  they favored the Three Stripes.

In the clip above, Rev. Run and the late great Jam Master Jay break it down rather eloquently​. "Everybody was sayin', 'Why ya' not getting on the New Balance now? Why ya' not wearin' Reeboks? Why ya' not wearin' Filas?,'" Jay begins.

"Ain't nothin' changed. We gonna wear adidas 'cause that's what we always wore. They got all the colors and all the styles. Black and white, white with the black stripes. The ones I like to wear when I rock the mic."

And there you have it. For more on the latest from adidas and the Run-DMC camp, check out these special edition Superstars that were created in remembrance of Jam Master Jay.