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For some reason unknown to me, people are dipping their sneakers into buckets of paint. I don't know what is causing such madness, but here we are. On that note of pure insanity, these suede women's Air Force 1s look like they were dipped in a bucket of super classy red wine, even though they were definitely not actually dipped in wine. But that doesn't take anything away from the visceral reaction I had when I first saw them. Have you ever been so positively disgusted by something and you like it so much that you dry heave? I have. It just happened like an hour ago. We've been on the women's sneaker tip for a second. We're not afraid. The suede on these is very plush and the micro perforations are such a nice touch. And you already know gum soles are such a can't-miss that we've mentioned them roughly a million times already. This colorway is just a can't fucking miss. They go up to size 12, which converts to about a men's 10.5-ish. You can squeeze into these if you believe in yourself.