Collecting sneakers can be as serious of a habit as drinking too many pints or gambling, and one British man's wife is threatening to leave him if he doesn't kick his footwear obsession.

As reported by Mirror, 44-year-old Jason Oxlee is an adidas collector who first got into the trainers the same way many UK men had in the past: through following his soccer club, Leeds United, and keeping up with the casual scene of the 1980s. Since then he's amassed over 150 pairs of sneakers. His wife Faye said, "Jason spends a lot of money on his trainers and I don’t mind because I know he loves them and it’s his hobby. But it’s the space - we don’t have room for him to keep adding to his collection. I’ve told him that if he continues there will be more than enough room in this house for his shoes - because I’ll be gone."

The main issue is that the Oxlees have three children, and there simply isn't room for all of his sneakers where they live. "I wasn’t happy when I had to start putting them in the loft, it means I can’t get to them as easy. I’m thinking that if we get our two girls to share a bedroom, I can use one of their rooms," Jason said.

Jason said he spends roughly £100 per month on sneakers, which equates to a little over $153, or a pair or two of sneakers.

"Some may think I’m crazy but I actually see my collection as an investment. I will pass these trainers down to my son and if he is a size nine he will be alright," Jason said. "And as for Faye, I just have to keep appealing to her to understand because she knew what she was getting into. I love my adidas classics. They are part of me and who I am.”