Sneaker blogs have become big business over the years. That means a lot of people trying to dip their toes in the money pool for a quick buck, even when they have no business there in the first place. Because of that, over the last few years, the landscape of the sneaker blogosphere has seen some serious changes. Editors and writers that once had very few choices as to where they could make a name for themselves, now have opportunities every direction they look. The same goes for the newcomers to the scene. 
With so many people trying to make a name for themselves in the "Sneaker Media," there is a lot more to consider in sneaker blogs than just the blog itself. Niche sites have been on the come up, creating dedicated followings for people that aren't into every type of sneaker and just want to read about a specific element, like style, performance or even athlete. Still, the big-time blogs and magazines can reach massive amounts of sneakerheads on a daily basis. With those things in mind, take a look at The 25 Best Sneaker Blogs Right Now.