For most diehard Michael Jordan fans and sneakerheads alike, picking up the latest retro isn’t enough to satisfy their addiction. Obtaining a pair game-worn sneakers would become a Holy Grail in any collection, no matter how big or small. For those looking to make that dream a reality, there are five pairs of game-worn sneakers up for auction on SCP Auctions website. 

If your pockets aren’t deep enough for sneakers blessed by Jordans feet like these, which sold for over $71,000, then check out what’s up for grabs now. The shoes include signed Converse All-Stars worn in his 1982 NCAA Championship season, signed Air Jordan II “Chicagos,” signed Air Jordan VII “Hares,” Air Jordan VIIs worn in the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, and signed Air Jordan XVIIIs worn in Jordan’s highest scoring game of his farewell season. 

With current bids as low as as $2,300, you might have a chance at scoring a pair for a decent price. Head over to SCP Auctions and put your bids in.