You now have a shot at owning one of the rarest Michael Jordan game-worn sneakers of all time.

A pair of MJ's game-worn "White/Red" Nike Air Ships just hit the auction block. Released in 1984, the Air Ship preceded the Air Jordan 1 and was originally seen as a follow-up to the Air Force 1. While the "Black/Red" AJ 1 gets all of the 'Banned' glory, many sneakerheads don't realize that it was actually the "Black/Red" Air Ship that was banned by the NBA and served as the precursor for one of the most memorable marketing campaigns of all time.

But how exactly did they wind up there? It all went down during a Bulls away game against the Los Angeles Lakers in December of 1984. That's when a Lakers ball boy by the name of Khalid Ali decided to ask Jordan for his sneakers after the game. Jordan obliged, and was even nice enough to autograph them. 

Now, over 30 years later, Ali has decided to give these relics the shine they deserve. 

Before these hit the auction block, sneaker historian ShoeZeum had a chance to check out the game-worn Air Ships up close and compared them with other O.G.s from his stash. The detailed clip examines a number of differences and similarities between MJ's Air Ships and the original Air Jordan 1, including modifications that were made to suit Jordan's specific play style.

Check out the videos and images below and head over to SCP Auctions to get your bid in.


[via YouTube and SCP Auctions]