Fashion copies are rampant today. Sometimes they provide a great alternative to a full price item that you're just not willing to pay up for. But sometimes they're just totally and utterly fucking flagrant. Take these shoes by Bershka, for example. In two fell swoops, we get a knock-off of the Y-3 Qasa and the Adidas Yeezy Boost 750. If the signature elastic strap and neoprene construction of the Qasa and side zip vent plus tab of the Yeezy aren't the most obvious things in the world, I don't know what is. Also, now we know what would happen if a visvim FBT fucked a Yeezy Boost and had a mentally handicapped child. Regardless, this is some next level Canal Street bootleg shit.

There are a couple extra wrinkles to these as well. Both pairs are extremely hard to find on Bershka's shoe page, almost as if on purpose. They're just, like, not there. Maybe that's an intentional effort to hide them so Adidas doesn't come calling with any lawsuits. Bershka's footwear war crimes came to light yesterday thanks to Complex Sneakers. The dudes over there pointed out the fact that Bershka's parent company is none other than Inditex, which is, of course, the reigning champion of knock-offs being Zara's parent company and all. With that knowledge, is anyone really shocked? Probably not. But hey, if you're looking for some $60 off-brand, totally terrible and worse in every way possible bootlegs, today is basically Christmas.