We've seen some pretty blatant sneaker rip-offs recently — Zara's "Sneaker with Curve Detail" was especially offensive — but these might take the cake for the most shameless imitation.

Bershka's "Men's Elastic Fashion Sneakers" are quite clearly a low-budget take on the popular Y-3 Qasa High. Just how low budget are they? Well, the Y-3 Qasa High usually retails for around $400, while this offering from Bershka comes in at £39.99 ($62), nearly a tenth of the price.

But wait, that's not all. Bershka also has what it calls the "Men's Suede Fashion Ankle Boots," which are curiously reminiscent of the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost. Although the toe features a moccasin stitch that isn't found on the 750 Boosts, the entire heel, back panel, and lacing setup is almost a direct transplant from Kanye's first adidas sneaker. Yet again, these are priced at $62.

A quick scan through Bershka's inventory shows that these aren't the only offenders, but they're by far the most flagrant of them all. We wouldn't be surprised if this brand gets a call from Yohji Yamamoto and Kanye West themselves soon.

It's worth noting that Bershka's parent company is Inditex, the same umbrella responsible for Zara, so these latest knock-offs actually shouldn't come as much of a shock.