In case you’ve been living under a rock (or just don’t go on Twitter ever), the music world has been on fire since rapper Meek Mill called Drake out for using ghostwriters to help write his raps. The full story is long, and filled with twists and turns (what really made it interesting was when alleged ghostwriter, a rapper by the name of Quentin Miller, chimed in to help set all stories straight), but one thing was remarkable: Drake’s general silence on the issue. It seemed like Drake was letting his fans and peers speak for him until last night when he released his newest track, “Charged Up.” It was a direct response to Meek Mill’s accusations, and generally silenced most haters – for the moment.

Almost everyone from all corners of the music industry chimed in on the beef, but last night another voice was added to the cacophony, and one no one was expecting: Jordan Brand.

We’ve all be waiting on pins and needles for Jordan Brand to announce the release date of the OVO Jordan 10s. While our anticipation was simmering near a boil last night, Jordan Brand took to their Instagram posting a photo from the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, with their “23 karat” First to Fly dunk contest trophy. 

The photo shows the winner of the dunk contest holding the trophy over his head with the caption, “Charged up.” We don’t want to put any words into Jordan Brand’s mouth, but a winner with a trophy and the title of Drake’s song? It seems pretty clear whose side Jordan Brand it on.


Charged up.

A photo posted by Jordan (@jumpman23) on Jul 25, 2015 at 9:58pm PDT

[via jumpman23 on Instagram]