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Remember that epic controversy in the sneaker world when three Nike designers left for Adidas, resulting in a hefty $10 million lawsuit against the trio? The claims being that the trio of Mark Dolce, Denis Dekovic and Mark Milner stole trade secrets to bring over to their new gig. Well, the Portland Business Journal is reporting that the three are firing back at the Swoosh with a $10 million lawsuit of their own.

Whether this is an actual lawsuit or simply an act to save face, we're not sure, but the statement released with an announcement said, "None of the designers has ever passed any trade secret information to Adidas or any other competitor, and they will not ever do so." They called the accusation about them stealing secrets "meritless" and that Nike did not "allege a single instance of disclosure or misappropriation of a protected trade secret or any expression of intent to do so." Are they saying that Nike was just shooting wildly off-base claims out of their off-base claim cannon? Sure sounds like it. The designers also allege that Nike violated their privacy during their departure and accessed their social media accounts, but that could really mean anything, couldn't it? I'm pretty sure it's not illegal to browse the timeline and peep a few handles. If they're saying they were hacked however, that's an entirely different story.

All this legalese is too complicated for my simp brain, but if you're into this, you can read the entire countersuit the trio are logging against Nike right here, free of charge.

[Photo via Kenlu]