Kanye West's debut signature sneaker with adidas launches globally this weekend, but in an alternate universe, 'heads could've been anticipating his first collaboration with Puma.

In an in-depth interview with Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 today, Kanye West talked about his desire to create product and that he had "a few conversations with a few sportswear companies" about his vision. Kanye explains at around 4:45 of the interview that he met with an unnamed individual who worked for luxury goods businessman François Pinault to discuss a possible deal with Puma.

Obviously, he decided on adidas, which probably ruffled some feathers over at Puma. It's well-documented that the founders of adidas and Puma, who happen to be siblings, hated each other.

Toward the end of the interview (42:39), Kanye also mentioned that he would be willing to assist Drake with his Jordan Brand collaboration, saying he'd provide "confidential design advice on shoes [he's] doing over at the other company." There's no word on whether Drake would actually pay him royalties, though.

[via BBC Radio 1]