For as long as sneaker collecting has been in the mainstream eye, there have always been savvy individuals willing to profit off the demand by buying up pairs and reselling them on the secondary market at a premium markup, especially so for Air Jordans. Sneakerheads have long despised the entrepreneurial spirit of resellers, but the truth is they are and will forever be a facet of sneaker culture—whether we like it or not. Air Jordans are particularly coveted because of their rich history with Michael Jordan on the court, as well as their iconic designs—and have sometimes led people to go through great lengths to obtain them, even violence.

Although resellers are disdained for what they stand for, they essentially provide a service to those who, for whatever reason it may be, couldn't cop on release day. Some have even made it their livelihood to resell sneakers full time so it's difficult to judge and knock someone's hustle without fully understanding one's situation. Even if you're selling a pair from your own collection that you no longer want, if you let them go at market value you're still contributing to "resell culture" by doing so. With that said, here is A Modern Guide to Reselling Air Jordan Sneakers