UK-based sneaker store Crooked Tongues is currently offering a huge discount where products have been marked down up to 70 percent. It's the store's Winter Sale event, which, around this time of the year, is certainly common amongst retailers. But maybe there's something deeper going on here. Something more than just a seasonal sale.

Is Crooked Tongues going out of business?

Sneaker blog DeFy New York posed that exact question in a story it ran yesterday about the renowned retailer. Not only does DeFY New York bring up the point about the aforementioned sneaker sale, but also cites other instances that could be hinting at the shop's possible closure.

DeFY New York reports that there have been known complaints around "individuals not receiving orders for nearly a month" and perhaps more telling is that it claims there is "talk that [Crooked Tongues] never placed any new orders with their distributor."

At this time, it is purely speculation. Neither Crooked Tongues nor ASOS, who acquired a stake in Crooked Tongues back in 2008, have made an official announcement.

Update 1/21: Complex has received official word directly from ASOS that Crooked Tongues is in fact closing down, just as DeFY New York had originally speculated.

An ASOS representative told Complex, "As an online retailer, we are lucky enough to have a detailed view of our customer's journey. We have seen evidence of growing search and subsequent sneaker sales within our own ASOS site. As our customer is key here at ASOS, we have decided to no longer confuse anyone by offering a separate site for sneakers. Going forward the Crooked Tongue experience and sneaker fix our customer loves will continue to be available exclusively on"

[via DeFY New York]