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Despite Adam Silver's dislike for the practice of players wearing "I Can't Breathe Shirts" during pregame warmups, the commissioner has said that he won't fine anyone for the breaking the NBA's uniform policy.

Since the NBA is outfitted by adidas, the players technically should be wearing only adidas gear while on the court prior to tip-off. So far, Silver has smartly sidestepped the issue. However, if the "I Can't Breathe" shirts continue to be worn, the NBA and adidas will be faced with an interesting dilemma. Would adidas actually slap the Three Stripes logo on the t-shirts to make them official by NBA standards? Also, will the shirts affect signature stars like Derrick Rose and LeBron James who are contractually obligated to sport the logos of the brands they are signed to? These are all interesting things to ponder as more and more players are showing their support.

We want to know how you feel on the issue: has Silver handled the situation well, so far? Should adidas do anything? Let us know.

[Brand Channel]

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