IKEA is a great place to shop if you're looking for affordable furniture to transform your spot. For sneakerheads, who probably spend most of their money on—you know—sneakers, the Swedish retailer is where it's at. Running out of space to store your sneakers? This IKEA hack will set you up with more space in a really cool way that displays your kicks.

The DIY creatives over at IKEA Hackers transformed a bookcase into shelving unit that holds 32 pairs of sneakers. Complete with LED lights and wheels, the case can even serve as a simple room divider if you live in a studio.

According to IKEA Hackers, here are all the IKEA products used:

1. Expedit bookcase (discontinued, but a very similar version exists here): $139
2. Variera shelf insert: $5.99
3. Kallax wheels: $15
4. Dioder LED lights: $19

With just a couple of hours of some handy work, you'll be set. Head to IKEA Hackers for the complete setup process.

[via IKEA Hackers]