The Diadora N.9000 has been getting a lot of play on the collaboration scene as of late. After projects with Patta and Hanon, the Italian footwear company connects with 24 Kilates for another updated take on its runner.

The Barcelona retailer takes inspiration from its roots for a collaboration titled "Sol y Sombra," which translates to "Sun and Shadow." In bullfighting, which is a common tradition in Spain, the seating of the arena is categorized as either the sun side or shadow side. The concept is incorporated on the Diadora N.9000 and will release in two different variations—"Sol" and "Sombra." The former, which releases first, is done up in a grey and tan color scheme. The color-blocking sees shades of grey suede working around the heel, while tan runs through the mid-foot all the way to the perforated toebox.

Watch for the "Sol" Diadora N.9000s to drop next Saturday, November 15 through 24 Kilates. Its counterpart, the "Samba" drops one month later on December 13.

[via 24 Kilates]