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No. 1 - Adizero Adios Boost 2.0

Meant for: Running
Pro: Has an impressive track record
Con: May be too fast for your own good

The Adizero Adios Boost 2.0's impressive track record speaks for itself. The adidas Boost-enabled running shoes graced the feet of both the men's and women's winners at the New York City Marathon, as well as Dennis Kimetto's for his world record setting run in Berlin. If they're good enough for winning the largest marathon in the world and setting world records, than the are certainly good enough for your workout.


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No. 2 - D Rose 5 Boost

Meant for: Basketball
Pro: Only basketball shoe featuring full length Boost technology
Con: Derrick Rose does tend to be injury prone

We're here to dismiss the theory that adidas is to blame for Derrick Rose's extensive injury history. As the only basketball shoe to feature a full length Boost midsole, the D Rose 5 is the ultimate combination of comfort and stability, making an excellent go to option for working out.


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No. 3 - Adizero Primeknit Boost

Meant for: Running
Pro: Contains two of adidas best technologies
Con: It'll cost you

We've talked about the wonders of Boost, but adidas other premier technology is no slouch either. Primeknit is a highly breathable and flexible material that makes up the Primeknit Boost's upper. Put the two technologies together and you have one of the Three Stripes' best workout options.


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No. 4 - Supernova Glide Boost 7

Meant for: Running
Pro: Redesigned specifically for the female athlete
Con: The men's version basically stayed the same

This year saw athletic brands put an emphasis on the female athlete. In keeping up with the rest of the industry, adidas completely overhauled the Supernova Glide 7 Boost with the female athlete in mind. The all new Techfit upper is said to be more flattering to the female foot, presenting a perfect workout option for the female athlete.


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No. 5 - RG3 Energy Boost

Meant for: Football training
Pro: A midfoot strap locks the foot in place
Con: Now might not be the best time to rock a pair of RG3 sneakers

The RG3 Energy Boost sneakers were designed to withstand the rigors of intense football training, making it a great workout option right off the bat. Throw in it's lockdown fit and energy-returning properties and you have a pretty much flawless workout option. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for its namesake quarterback at the moment.


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No. 6 - Pure Boost

Meant for: Running
Pro: This is the most Boost you can possibly get
Con: The colorways are kind of zany

You know a running shoe is pretty versatile when Kanye is balling in them. Also, if Kanye is even wearing them in the first place, they must have to be good. In all seriousness though, the Pure Boost's one-piece upper makes for a super-light workout option with unmatched cushioning.


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No. 7 - Energy Boost 2.0 ESM

Meant for: Running
Pro: It's super durable
Con: Heavier than most running shoes

With it's Adiwear outsole, the Energy Boost 2.0 ESM is designed for use all year round, making it a durable and practical workout option. Formotion also allows for the shoe to adapt to the ground for the smoothest run possible.


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No. 8 - Crazylight Boost

Meant for: Basketball
Pro: First basketball shoe to feature Boost technology
Con: The Boost midsole is pretty small

Sure, the Crazylight Boost was the first adidas basketball shoe to feature Boost technology. However, as you can see in the photo above, that Boost enabled misdole is pretty tiny. There's a reason the full-length Boost featuring D Rose 5 is so much higher on this list.


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No. 9 - Tubular Runner

Meant for: Fashion
Pro: It was modeled after a running shoe
Con: It's not actually a running shoe

That's right. The shoe that was at first mistaken for the Kanye West x adidas Yeezi is actually not a bad workout option. That's because the EVA tube outsole is modeled after the 1993 original Tubular running shoe, which drew its inspiration form inflatable bike tires.


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No. 10 - SL Loop Runner TR

Meant for: Fashion
Pro: It has a nice sized midsole
Con: Like the Tubular, it's not actually a running shoe

With a thick midsole and mesh upper, the SL Loop Runner is both comfortable and breathable, making them one of the more functional and practical lifestyle offerings from adidas. Just beware that the sneakers aren't actually running shoes like their name might suggest.


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No. 11 - J Wall 1

Meant for: Basketball
Pro: John Wall is one of adidas brightest young stars
Con: We're still in the early stages of Wall's signature era

With the future of Derrick Rose's career very much up in the air, John Wall may very well turn into the next face of adidas basketball. Until that happens though, we still need to get a bit more acquainted with his signature line. Who knows? Maybe in a few years Wall will take Roses' spot on this list, as well.


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No. 12 - Barricade 8+

Meant for: Tennis
Pro: Inspired by Andy Murray
Con: Murray hasn't won a major tournament since 2013

Okay, maybe we are being a little harsh on our critique of Andy Murray. But what really counts is the critique of his shoes. The Barricade 8+ is ideal for the lateral movement and quick cuts required of you in tennis, meaning they can be equally as useful during your workout depending on what you are looking to do.


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No. 13 - Samba

Meant for: Soccer
Pro: It's one of adidas most iconic models
Con: It's become more of a lifestyle shoe

Originally intended for indoor soccer, the Samba is becoming more and more of a lifestyle-leaning sneaker. However, its soft leather upper and gum rubber outsole still make it a durable and dependable workout option.


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No. 14 - Zx Flux

Meant for: Fashion
Pro: It has its own customization app
Con: That has nothing to do with working out

The Zx Flux is an updated take on Zx running shoes of the '80s. Like other stylish runners, though, they aren't really meant for running. At least you'll be able to customize them with your own photos, as the sneakers come with their own photo print customization app.


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No. 15 - Climacool Adizero Tempaia 3

Meant for: Tennis
Pro: It's adidas premier women's tennis shoe
Con: Serena Williams isn't signed with adidas

Equipped with adidas' Climacool technology, the Adizero Tempaia 3 will keep your feet cool and ventilated as you turn up the heat on your workout. Like the Barricade 8+, the sneaker is ideal for the lateral movements required in tennis.


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No. 16 - Crazy 1

Meant for: Basketball
Pro: Well represented in the NBA
Con: No signature backing

While it doesn't have the signature name behind it like the D Rose 5 or J Wall 1, the Crazy 1 is still an NBA-endoresed sneaker. Thea air mesh upper allows for maximum breathability, while an extended Torsion system supplies some energy return. It may not be the same caliber energy return as Boost, but it'll do.


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No. 17 - Tech Supra Rita Ora

Meant for: Fashion
Pro: Inspired by a pop sensation
Con: It's not Rihanna

Although the word "tech" is in the name, these shoes do not fall under the performance umbrella. With that being said, there is still a good deal of lightweight cushioning thanks to an injected EVA midsole, while a grippy outsole supplies ample traction for your workouts.


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No. 18 - Stan Smith

Meant for: Fashion
Pro: Originally made for Tennis
Con: Good luck playing tennis in them today

Much like the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star was actually made for basketball, the Stan Smith was originally a tennis shoe. Just like it'd be crazy to lace up a pair of Chuck Taylor's to play hoops in today, it's strongly recommended to avoid playing tennis in the Stan Smith.


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No. 19 - Big Sean x Metro Attitude

Meant for: Fashion
Pro: Designed by Big Sean
Con: Big Sean is not an athlete

Despite what the "IDFWU" video may suggest, Big Sean is not an athlete. Therefore, when it comes to designing the sneaker, the rapper most likely had style over performance on his mind. If you're looking for a a benefit to working out in these clunky sneakers, we'd guess it would have to be the high top ankle support the shoe offers.


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No. 20 - Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 Cutout

Meant for: Fashion
Pro: It has wings
Con: It has wings

Although they may look like something that Hercules would have worked out in, we don't advise you to actually train in these for rather obvious reasons.


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