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A major win for adidas went down today, as the Three Stripes struck up a deal with the NFL that will allow adidas athletes to wear both cleats and gloves using the brand's logo during games.

Nike can't be too happy about the deal as they recently became the official outfitter of the NFL, providing every team with their apparel and gear for both on and off the field. The deal kind of flew under the radar, but came to light last night when we saw New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham hit the field rocking adidas cleats. This is a huge win for adidas as their visibility in the league was fading, especially due to the injury of Robert Griffin III, who was a primary endorser for the brand. To be honest, the deal makes a lot of sense. In other sports like the NBA, one brand controls the official merchandise and apparel for the league such as uniforms, and off the field gear, but when it comes to sneakers, everything is fair game.

Let us know what you think of the deal, and keep an eye out across the NFL this week to see if you notice the Three Stripes making an impact. With the return of RGIII to Washington this week, the shine could once again be on adidas and help them grow their market value in football.

Image via ESPN
Image via ESPN


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