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Finally we have some good news out of the NFL, as reports that Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still's jerseys sales are approaching the 10,000 sold mark.

For those of you who don't the backstory, Still's four-year-old daughter is suffering from pediatric cancer. When the Bengals put Still's No. 75 jersey up for sale two weeks ago, the team announced that it will absorb the cost of the first 10,000 jerseys to allow the full price of the shirts to go to research at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. So far, jersey sales have generated more than $1 million for the center.

In a heart-warming gesture, support for Still has been coming from fans outside of the Cincinnati community, as well. reports that orders have been tracked from all 50 states in addition to Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Still's jersey has also made news for setting the Bengals' single-day record for jersey sales, with more than 1,000 sold on the first day they went on sale.

The Bengals will present a check with the proceeds to Cincinnati Children's prior to their Thursday Night Football game against the Cleveland Browns on November 6.


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