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Image via Footlocker
Image via Footlocker

Nike Lunar Superbad Pro D

Position: Offensive Lineman
Notable Players: Ben Rothelsberger

Offensive linemen are unique in football. In a game where glory is paramount, they are the unheralded warriors who receive little recognition. Beyond that, the offensive line is perhaps the last position where speed is not the most important factor. Linemen need a shoe that can provide amazing ankle support and traction, often preferring a higher cut with a wide base. The Nike Lunar Superbad Pro D fits the description with a detachable 7-stud Pebax plate that allows superior traction on every surface.


Image via Under Armour
Image via Under Armour

Under Armour Spine Brawler Mid MC

Position: Defensive Lineman
Notable Players: Julio Jones

Defensive lineman is one of those positions where versatility is key. Elite linemen like JJ Watt and Robert Quinn must be strong enough to move inside and attack the run gaps, and fast enough to beat the tackle and get to the quarterback. Defensive lineman need a cleat that can provide enough ankle support and traction to keep them pushing forward against offensive lineman, and lightweight enough to give them that extra boost they need to get into the backfield. The Spine Brawler Mid MC is perfect for its lightweight design while providing maximum support.


Image via
Image via

Nike Vapor Ultimate

Position: Quarterback
Notable Players: Johnny Manziel

Is it too early to crown this cleat king? Nike just released it, but the Vapor Ultimate already looks like it could take the league by storm. Plus if Johnny Football says its awesome, it probably is. Up until recently, the QB had one job. Move around in the pocket, and deliver an accurate pass. The way that the game is trending, however, a QB needs to have the mobility to get out of the pocket and make plays with their legs. They need speed and agility from their cleats, which the Vapor Ultimate provides with groundbreaking Nike Flyknit technology featured for the first time in a football cleat.


Image via Footlocker
Image via Footlocker

Nike Alpha 3/4 Pro TD

Position: Running Back
Notable Players: Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson

Anyone who has watched a football game or played Madden can tell you that speed is king. If they can’t catch you, they can’t tackle you. As a running back, the ability to get into the open field and outrun your opponent is invaluable. The Alpha Pro 3/4 TD provides lockdown support with good traction, without the added weight of a chunkier cleat. Dynamic Flywire provides support, and nano-lasered panels make this an incredibly lightweight shoe.


Image via
Image via

Nike Vapor Carbon 2014 Elite

Position: Line Backer
Notable Players: Richard Sherman

Guys like Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski are superheroes that have decided to play the tight end position. Players that strong and quick should not exist, but they do, and it is up to linebackers to cover them. To do this, LBs prefer a cleat that provides good ankle support, but light enough to not slow them down.


Image via adidas
Image via adidas

adidas AdiZero 5-Star 3.0

Position: Wide Receiver
Notable Players: Kendall Wright

If there is one word to describe this cleat, its “light”. If there’s two words to describe this cleat, they are “ridiculously light”. Weighing in at only 6.7 oz, the AdiZero 5-Star 3.0 allows wide receivers to make game changing plays with their agility and speed completely unencumbered by their cleats. The mid-cut helps provide ankle supports on cuts, and they look dope, which is always important for TD celebrations.


Image via Footlocker
Image via Footlocker

adidas Filthy Quick

Position: Tight End
Notable Players: Jimmy Graham

Tight ends are another position where versatility is key. The adidas Filthy Quick comes in low, mid, and high cuts, which means athletes can pick whether they want more ankle support for blocking duties or a lower cut for getting up the field as quick as possible. The molded spikes on the low cut give superior traction on hard cuts.


Image via adidas
Image via adidas

adidas RG3

Position: Defensive Back
Notable Players: Robert Griffin III

The RG3 cleats are a new offering from adidas. It might be strange recommending a quarterback cleat for defensive backs, but this isn’t just any quarterback. This is Robert Griffin III, a juking, scrambling blaze of speed, and his shoes offer the latest technology. A defensive back needs speed, of course, but they also need elite traction to stay with receivers on cuts. The adidas RG3 provides that, plus a snug fit so there is no sliding around in there.


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