We've all been there before: nervously waiting in Nike's virtual line, eBay bidding wars, or just getting an easy cop on your favorite retailer's website. Buying shoes online is a major part of the industry now, and it can be both exciting and nerve-racking at the same damn time. The wait to get your sneakers delivered to your doorstep can feel like an eternity. We find ourselves constantly doing random things to cope with the anxiety of our shoes making it home smoothly. To highlight a few of those happenings, here are Things Sneakerheads Do After Buying Shoes Online (Explained In Drake GIFs).

The embarrassing post-purchase dance:

Text the homies what you just copped:

Regretfully check your bank account:

Secretly think about how much you might resell the shoes for:

Show your significant other (who rarely cares) what you got:

Post a picture of the confirmation page on your Twitter or Instagram:


Kanye Shrug people who say, "You spend too much money on sneakers."


... Then immediately start thinking about what else you could have done with $180:


Check the tracking number 4,939,023 times a day:


Activate the "Out For Delivery" celebration:


Get your shoes and start acting on your worst behavior: