Who: Andy Oliver
Affiliation: Andy founded the website KicksDeals.com, and is best known for being the digital wizard behind Kith's online presence. He also works as a mobile developer for webstore platform Shopify.
Instagram: @AndyOliverWPG 

"Culture is just a representation of the collective voice of the community. The number of 'sneakerheads' has grown so much over the last five years that the collective voice has splintered a bit. I wouldn’t call sneaker culture dead or broken, per se, as there’s clearly hundreds of thousands of kids out there that revel in the way the shoe community currently works. I just think that it doesn’t align as closely with my values as it once did.  

As for how the culture will change? There’s two ways that I can see. First, just wait a bit. The sneaker world is heavily trend based, so if you wait long enough, it’s bound to change. The second way is to promote the parts of the culture that you think are lacking in the community. I’m so tired of supposed OGs bitching and moaning about the death of shoe culture rather than creating new content and promoting interesting people. Complaining is easier, but it isn’t going to result in any changes to the culture."