Sneaker culture nowadays is much different than sneaker culture from, say, 10 years ago, and light years away from what it was like in the '80s. If someone doesn't keep themselves current, they can easily get lost in an ever-moving tide of release dates, kids lining up for sneakers, and the dubious methods that people go about to get their sneakers.

Not being up on current sneaker culture might be a good thing for some people: They don't have to deal with some of the worst elements that surround sneakers, but they're also missing out on the good stuff. As much as sneaker culture has changed over the past decade, there's been plenty of great revelations. But there are also things, good or bad, that if a sneakerhead isn't up on, will make them look like they woke up from a Rip Van Winkle-like sleep—crusty-eyed, parched, and wanting Jordan XIs. Find out if you're one of them. Here are 10 Signs You're Out of Touch With Sneaker Culture.

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