Hey, remember when we thought that Jordan Brand might be taking Macklemore under its wings? Turns out their partnership has already resulted in at least one creation.

Last night while performing at The Jordan Brand Classic, Macklemore was seen sporting some bright pink kicks. Turns out they were Macklemore’s own designed, “Pacific Northwest Salmon” Jordan Melo M10s. The dude hails from Seattle, Washington where the salmon is plentiful and a source of pride. So, it’s only natural that a child of the Northwest would look to the fruit of the sea when it came time to find inspiration. 

The Melos are almost entirely shades of salmon pink, with black carbon fiber, and grey stripes woven into the lacing system.

We can only wish for a release.

(You’ll also notice that Macklemore shouted out @pdxreg on his Instagram, that’s the same Reggie Saunders that Michael Jordan was likely looking for after his conversation with Teyana Taylor.)

[via macklemore on Instagram]