Okay, we know we’ve been going a little ham when it comes to updating you on the Reebok Banner Questions. But, at the end of the day, can one be too passionate about a shoe?* Especially one that honors such a badass player like Allen Iverson?

(* Yes. One can be too passionate. By, say, licking it.)

During the Iverson retirement ceremony on Saturday, Reebok announced that the only place online the insanely limited sneakers will be available is on its webstore. But they also tweeted out the 85 locations that you’ll have a shot of copping the Banner Questions in store. We put together a handy GoogleMap with all those locations marked so you can take a look around your pad and decide where you’re going to line up.

To access the map click here.

Remember: The sneakers release on March 14. And there’s only 1,996 pairs. Good luck.

[via Reebok Classics on Twitter]