Year Of Release: 2005

Nike SB hype existed before Nick Tershay was given the chance to design a Nike SB Dunk for his streetwear and skate brand, Diamond Supply Co. But the insanity that would transpire for the "Tiffany" Nike SB Dunk Low was next level. Around the time of its release, tie-in color schemes had become popular for sneakers to tell stories. After the sneaker's release, literally everything that was Tiffany blue and black would be considered a "Tiffany" sneaker—even if it wasn't. If the Tiffany Dunk needs any further backing that it changed people's view on Nike SB collaborations, take a look at its 2014 incarnation, the "Diamond" Nike Dunk Hi SB. It caused people to lash out against non-skater sneakerheads, and even convinced people to buy, and lose their minds over, a sneaker that they didn't even know the backstory on. Some color schemes are just that good.