Rick Williams has designed his share of sneakers, and today, he has another sneaker, a Reebok GL 6000, released nationwide. It's likely that people have seen his name or his projects, Distinct Life and Burn Rubber, but Detroit, where it's located, feels like a world away for a lot of us.

To better understand the Distinct Life x Reebok collaboration and what makes his design mind tick, we had the chance to talk to him. He filled us in on the latest collab, but also shed so much more knowledge on sneakers, his personal beliefs, and how he's connecting his clothing line to his sneaker projects.

There a few sizes of the sneaker available at his shop, Burn Rubber, right now, and more pairs at Sneaker Politics, too. But here are 10 Things You Need to Know About Rick Williams and His Sneaker Collaborations.

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