Looking to the New Year often means getting prepared for upcoming events and making plans for the moves you want to make. For sneakerheads, that often means getting some advanced intel on upcoming sneaker releases. Using the last few seasons as a gauge for what will be coming, Nike has provided everything from retro classics to innovative runners like the Flyknit Trainer. 

2014 looks to be even better than the past years. The retros from Agassi's catalog have already started to flow into retail locations and January isn't even half-way over. From big superstar silhouettes like the LeBron XI, to updated version of current models, the line-up for the year is exciting already.  

Not all of these dates are 100-percent confirmed, but this is what is expected (or what people are hoping for) to release over 2014. Here are The Most Anticipated Nike Sneakers of 2014.

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