Michael Jordan has tons and tons of signature sneakers that we're crazy about, but not all of his retro models were something that would have propelled His Airness to six NBA championships. We remember him killing it in sneakers that we would run to the store to cop, but most of the retro sneakers came after his playing days, and even if they released during his career, they probably never would have found their way to his locker. That's right, we're talking about the Air Jordans that Michael Jordan would have never laced up.

The AIr Jordan line since its initial days has expanded its retro offerings and made sneakers in a bunch of colors and materials. There have been PEs for players who maybe didn't deserve them, crazy designs dreamt up by kids, and other sneakers that just have us scratching our heads. All of which have little to do with Jordan himself outside of the Jumpman.

Jordan has had plenty of awesome off-court sneaker moments, but these sneakers will have to stay there, because there's no way he would have worn these while playing. Here are 15 Air Jordan Retros That Michael Jordan Would Never Play In.

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