Sneaker obsession is real. Just like any other addictive habit, things start off innocently enough. However, without moderation, things can quickly take on a life of their own. Collecting kicks can release a myriad of emotions within us. So, whether you’re just getting into the game or are a full-blown nerd, take a look at the evolution of a sneaker addiction.

1. Innocence. All addictions start out this way. For sneakerheads, you may have received your first pair from a relative or friend. This was your first taste and you had no idea what was in store.

2. Curiosity. You’ve begun collecting sneakers. Things aren’t so bad, you’ve amassed a few pairs and they make you feel good. You get a magical feeling when you wear your sneakers. They make your feet feel so good, the technology is amazing, and girls who never used to look your way have suddenly started paying attention.

3. Excitement. You’ve started getting into the culture now. You follow all of the sneakerhead celebrities on Instagram and Twitter. Sneaker research is part of your daily routine and you're up on all of the upcoming release dates.

4. Sticker Shock starts to set in. Buying all these shoes is really starting to add up. You really want that rare pair, but the $350 price tag is too high.

5. Obsession. Living on the mantra #YOLO, you go on an online shopping binge. You had to have them. Without you even realizing, your once-fun hobby has now caused you to fall one month behind on your rent.

6. Then, things start to get weirdYou start experiencing cravings that you’ve never felt before. Buying a new pair of shoes makes you feel good. Opening that crisp box, removing the paper and slipping on a new shoe is a beautiful feeling. Something inside you starts to crave new releases. You’ve already waited in line over 10 times and have even started to make new friends.
7. Full blown addiction. You haven't seen family or friends in weeks. The amount of time you’re pouring into this habit is becoming a lot, even for you. When you get home from waiting, your mom, girlfriend, and younger brother are all waiting for you. They stage an intervention urging you to get help.

8. Rehab. You agree with your family and check yourself into sneaker rehab. Blocking all your sneakerhead friends on Instagram, you completely remove yourself from the culture. The hope is that getting away will help you stay clean.
9. Relapse. You were clean for 3 whole months. A retweet from one of your friends on Twitter gave you a quick glimpse at the next Air Jordan release. Without even thinking, you dive into a deep research of the shoe and promptly line up the next Saturday. You thought you had kicked the habit.

10. Start back at step one. Jordan knew you would be back.