Love him or hate him, it's hard to deny that Michael Vick is one hell of a force on the gridiron. While his off-field antics have tarnished his reputation, Vick's managed to redeem himself as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. The 9-6 Eagles will hit the road to face the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday, and it's looking like they have a good chance at taking home the NFC East title.

It's been confirmed that Tony Romo will miss Sunday's game, which takes a lot out of the Dallas offense. Although Romo has struggled this season, going into the biggest game without your star QB is enough to take the wind out of a team's sails. Don't be surprised if Vick and the Eagles take the NFC East.

Christmas Ever isn't traditionally known for big sports moments, but on December 24, 2006, Michael Vick made history by becoming the first quarterback to reach 1,000 rushing yards in a single season. Although his Atlanta Falcons fell 10-3 to the Carolina Panthers, Vick made history, setting a record that has yet to be matched.

Do you remember Michael Vick's signature line with Nike? The popular cross-trainers made it all the way to their fourth rendition, the Nike Zoom Vick IV, before Vick's legal troubles caused the Swoosh to pull the plug. A Zoom Vick V was also in the works, but was never released.

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