Ask any sneakerhead which college they'd love to go to, and the answer is quickly, "Oregon." The school is the alma mater of Nike founder Phil Knight and designer Tinker Hatfield, and has received an insane amount of exclusive product for its athletic programs--spearheaded by its football team. But other than the high-power offense which was originated by Chip Kelly, most sneakerheads' knowledge of the school's football squad barely scratches the surface.

For starters, the team hasn't always been the Ducks, and its stadium, Autzen Stadium, is named after someone from a rival school. Today is the 117th edition of the Civil War, a game played between Oregon and rival Oregon State, and what better occasion to brush up on Oregon football knowledge. Especially before splurging thousands on a pair of the school's Air Jordans. Here are 20 Things Sneakerheads Don't Know About Oregon Ducks Football.

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