Sneakerheads, as cool and collected as we are, often skew things in our favor when it comes to business. We think the sneaker world revolves around us and will argue until the wheels fall off with anyones that says otherwise. Fortunately for us, we have people like Matt Powell of SportsOneSource to help us keep thing in persepctive. Viewed as the "industry leader in sporting goods research and analysis," the company provides feedback to the retail world about what actually sells and how much money those shoes actually make in the market place. 

Matt often shares high-level detail via his Twitter account (MattSOS), but it is the information trapped inside his reports that reveal a lot more about the industry. For instance, did you know that August is the primary month for cleated sports and resulted in Under Armour selling an estimated 100,000 pairs of the Highlight Cleat? Or what about the fact that only seven of the top 20 money making shoes cost over $100? Enough of the talk, check out the Top 20 Money-Making Sneakers in August.

[via Matt Powell of SportsOneSource]