Year Original Released: 1998

The Air Jordan XIII was the first basketball shoe to feature hidden lacing. That feature has always been one of my favorite elements to add when designing a shoe. I don't know exactly why, maybe because the idea of being hidden is so mysterious? I am not 100 percent sure but more than likely though, it is because it allows for the aesthetic of the design to remain uninterrupted. I really wanted to expand on how hidden lacing can be interpreted in this modern version of the XIII, so I completely hid the structure under an embossed upper. The lacing is on the backside of the upper in the form of Dynamic Flywire. The wires follow the form of the anatomical tongue, creating an asymmetrical set up that wraps and supports the foot. The upper also features an asymmetrical collar that falls below the malleolus on the lateral side while it sits on top of it on the medial side. The embossed suede upper also provides friction on the interior of the shoe to help keep your foot locked in place. The podular midsole is integrated into a FlightPlate system that both adapts and articulates with the foot. Each midsole pod features an individual Zoom Air pillar to provide a highly responsive cushioning set up.