Sneaker design in 2013 isn't as straightforward as it used to be. At one point it was linear—simply a matter of coming up with entirely new designs every year. Not simple, exactly, but logical. Now re-invention is as important as, if not more important than, invention. When Nike SB launched back in 2002, it didn't just launch with new models—it launched primarily with the classic Dunk, which allowed skeptical skaters to start in a heritage product rather than some new tech shoe. It was insidious, and it worked. In the years since, Nike SB has hit up the archives for many other models—from the Blazer to the Air Trainer to the Tennis Classic. Many of these were great. Some of them, not so much. So in celebration of Go Skateboarding Day, we gave designer Brett Golliff an assignment—re-imagine some other Nike classics as SBs. Was he up to the task? Oh yes. Check out 10 Classic Nike Sneakers Reinvented As Nike SBs and let us know what you think. —RB

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