Renderings and co-written by Brett Golliff (@BGolliff)

The unveiling of the Nike Elite Basketball lineup has become a sneaker event all its own – around playoff time every year sneaker geeks get hype to see what the coats in Beaverton have cooked up for your favorite athletes. The regular season sneakers are already on point, but the upgraded quality and performance of the Elite series has people wondering why players aren’t rocking these on the hardwood all season. We decided to take it a step further — with so many players having a connection to retro heat, why not upgrade some of the iconic basketball shoes from The Swoosh’s past for the modern day game? Sneaker designer and writer Brett Golliff sat down and re-crafted some of your favorite basketball shoes from the past 20 years into designs incorporating the latest technology used by Nike. Hit the jump to check out the designs for 10 Classic Nike Basketball Sneakers That Need An Elite Edition Update and leave us a comment about which pairs you would pick up.