We've probably started to see a little less of the "pack" concept since the mid 2000s when seemingly every fresh sneaker was released in one. But when a fresh pack comes a long, it only makes things more difficult on our end: which sneaker to cop. Of course, you could buy them all. But who has money like that?

Nike's Air Max "Paris" pack features Hyperfused-up Air Max 1s, Air Max 90 Currents, and, of course, a pair of Air Max 2013+. Each pair is murdered-out with a black upper, but features subtle hits like green, yellow, and red that make each runner stand out.

It's really tough decide which sneaker is the dopest in the pack. You could go with the 2013; it's the most technical. But the Air Max 1 is the most iconic, and if you want something in between, the Air Max 90 Current is an updated take on the groundbreaking sneaker.

If you want to further think this dilemma through, hit up Kith's site for more purchase information.

[via Kithset]

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