Yesterday, Sneaker Report highlighted Emmitt Smith's MVP win in Super Bowl XXVIII. It was a 30-13 Cowboys victory over the Buffalo Bills in '94, but during the previous year's Bowl, the same two teams met in what would end up being a massive blowout. On January 31, 1993, Dallas united for a decisive 52-17 over Buffalo, making it the Bills' third consecutive Super Bowl loss.

The game's MVP was someone you may recognize from present day NFL coverage on FOX: quarterback Troy Aikman. He put up some impressive numbers, completing 22 of his 30 passes for a total of 273 passing yards and four touchdowns, including a truly awesome 45-yard TD pass to Alvin Harper. And although his rushing was limited by Buffalo's defense, he managed to run for another 28 yards.

As Aikman's stock grew throughout the '90s, Nike would churn out more cleats and trainers in his classic black, blue, and silver colors. While the legendary QB didn't have a specific "signature" model, he did have the privilege of being hooked up with a handful of Player Edition cleats, as seen above. Nike's recently released a few classic '90s trainers in "Cowboys" colorways, so maybe we'll see these again someday if the boys from Texas make a Playoff run.

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