New sneakerheads have ruined the shoe game right? Yeah, it might be tiring to see the same colorways over and over again but most of us that complain about "these meddling kids" probably learned it from all the Scooby Doo we watched. If anyone should be bitter about new sneakerheads, imagine the guys who came up wearing two colors, black or white. Then the "damn kids" showed up and started coloring their Forces and you couldn't avoid a shoe with black and red. What's known as a "Chicago" colorway today probably annoyed the piss out of early 'heads, especially considering nearly every sneaker ever made since, oh, 1985, gets released in the same color scheme. So who was the hypebeast first, the guy with the 30 pairs of Chi-colored Jordans or the kid with a handful of "South Beach" kicks in the closet? You were new once too, you know.