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Attention sneakerheads: The Las Vegas-based sneaker "museum" known as Shoezeum is for sale on eBay, and it will only cost you a million bucks. By our calculations, the Guinness World Records certified "Largest Collection of Sneakers," will only cost you a little over $400 per pair if the number on the certificate, 2,388 pairs, is correct. (Hold up, no one has more than 2,400 pairs of sneakers? Did Guinness ever call Ray Allen?) The owner of Shoezeum moved the collection to downtown Las Vegas earlier this year in hopes to lure celebrities, sneakerheads and tourists to pay $10 to tour his museum, which is separated by themes like 'Ultimate Classroom,' 'Music, Fallen Heroes, TV, Video Games, and Movies,' 'Wild Animals, Sea Creatures, Birds, Bees, Flowers, and Trees' and of course a 'Las Vegas' themed section that seems, well, as run-down as downtown Las Vegas. There are plenty of extras included in the sale, like the Shoezeum trademark, Shoezeum website, and of course in true sneakerhead auction style, free shipping. Ironically, banners hang from the ceiling stating "Chicks Dig 'Em" and "I <3 Kicks" but it seems like the love (and the chicks) have left Las Vegas. Related, it might already be time to update the 10 Signs You're A Lame Sneakerhead list.