Half of the sneaker game is knowing what kicks are out when, and which shops have them. Our Shelf Space column looks at what shops around the country are stocking in a given week, and gives a quick glimpse into the mind of the buyer/manager/owner who put them there.

As we continue our mission of bringing you the insides of the best sneaker spots from around the U.S., we headed to the DMV and stopped in at MAJOR, located in Washington, D.C.. The shop owner, Duk-ki, gave us a look at 10 of the newest sneakers currently sitting on the store shelves. Hit the thumbnails and arrows above to see their picks, and to read what Duk-ki has to say about each one.

*MAJOR was closed down due to a building collapse next door on Thanksgiving Day 2011, effectively wiping out its entire Holiday 2011 season and beyond.  After a 3 month hiatus, MAJOR is back as MAJOR NEXTDOOR PopUp Store inside 1432 Wisconsin Ave. NW until the original building's structure is restored.  Founder Duk-ki Yu says that the new & improved version of the original shop will be back soon, once the restoration is completed. In the meantime, they continue to serve our Nation's Capital with the best that each sneaker company has to offer.*