You remember lacing up for your basketball game back in '95 rocking the wristband under the knee cap and donning a pair of Reebok Kamikazes over some Nikes for maybe the first time in your life — yeah that was Shawn Kemp. It all started in a gym in Elkhart, Indiana before he signed to play with Kentucky. A little controversy forced Kemp out after being accused of taking his teammate's gold chains and pawning them off. He landed OK doing his thing at the community college level, and then being chosen 17th overall by the Sonics. Even though it took him a few years to find his swagger in the NBA, by the time the '90s started to take off, the athletic forward switched up from Nike to Reebok and started dunking on everyone from Dennis Rodman, Bill Lambier, and even Leonardo DiCaprio (wish we had footage of that MTV Jock Jam — trust us, it happened). The height of his career was the '96 NBA Finals face-off against Jordan's record-setting 72-win Bulls' squad. The Sonics actually pushed Chicago to six games, but Kemp never really recovered after that and a few years later he started jumping from team to team before bowing out in 2004. To honor one of the most hype players to watch in NBA history on his 42nd birthday, Complex hits you with Shawn Kemp's Greatest Sneaker Moments.