On Tuesday, while virtually speaking to Seth Meyers on his Late Night show, Black-ish/Grown-ish actress Yara Shahidi made her pitch to cast her in a Marvel movie. The topic came up when the host brought up Shahidi’s comic-book fandom. 

She confirmed that said fandom is indeed real, and added that “I have storylines as to why I belong in the Marvel comic universe.” 

Meyers added that he hopes someone from Marvel is watching, telling Shahidi that it “seems to me you’d be a perfect fit for the Marvel universe.” 

“I was in 12 seconds of a movie as Samuel L. Jackson’s kid at the age of 13,” she said lightheartedly. “And I was like ‘If this is not an in, then I don’t know what is.’ I need to be [gender swapped] I should be Nicole Fury because Nick Fury has a son. I wrote a page for it, a one-sheet. Marvel Studios has a headquarters right where we shoot Black-ish and Grown-ish. I was like ‘This is perfect, you can green screen me in.’” 

She also talked about her birthday last month, quarantining with her family, and balancing her job with her life as an actual college student.

Watch the full segment below, or if you want skip to the Marvel stuff that’s around the 6:00 mark.