Toy Story 3—the Pixar film that made every adult cry. Ten years on, it stands as a unique achievement in motion pictures. It's hard enough to create a sequel that comes across as a necessary, logical extension of its source material. Toy Story 3 takes it one step further; it's the rare three-quel that lives up to its namesake.

For many people, the Toy Story trilogy is personal; Andy's pathway to adulthood parallels their own. When Andy was five in Toy Story (1995), we were graduating high school; Woody, Buzz, and company reminded us of our own childhoods in the not-so-distant past. When Andy was graduating from high school, we were starting our full-time careers. We were putting our childish playthings away out of necessity, but Toy Story 3 let us say goodbye to them, one last time.

In celebration of the movie's 10th anniversary on June 18, here are 26 trivia facts and Easter eggs about Toy Story 3. We'll always keep this movie close to our hearts: to infinity, and beyond.