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The seventh and eighth entries in the long-running Mission: Impossible franchise will no longer be shot in a back-to-back fashion. 

That’s the word from Deadline’s Tom Grater, who reported Monday that Paramount has “altered” the original plans ahead of the end of shooting for Mission: Impossible 7, the production of which has been the subject of a number of COVID-19 headlines along the way. Most notably, perhaps, was the alleged leaking of audio in which Tom Cruise was heard expressing anger over broken pandemic safety measures.

According to the report, the star and producer is going to be in need for promo-related activities for the expected July 2 release of Top Gun: Maverick. Like many presumed blockbusters over the past 12 months or so, the Top Gun sequel saw its original release plans ruined due to the pandemic.

Production on Mission: Impossible 8, meanwhile, is now believed to be set for a new kickoff date following the completion of promo and other release-related duties Cruise is tasked with for Top Gun. At this time, however, the previously reported release date for the eighth franchise entry—Nov. 4 of next year—has still not been pushed back.

Christopher McQuarrie, writer and director for Mission: Impossible 7 and 8, recently gave fans an update via Instagram in which he thanked the production crew and the Government of Abu Dhabi, among others.

“Now back to London for a few finishing touches,” McQuarrie said. “All aboard for our greatest challenge yet.”

Mission: Impossible 7, also starring Hayley Atwell, is set for release on Nov. 19 via Paramount.