Nickelodeon, the beloved children's TV channel (and be honest, something you still pause on when you're scrolling through the channels), launched all the way back in the late 70s. Struggling slightly at first, the channel burst in popularity in the mid-80s as the "First Kids' Network", and subsequently starting putting out classic cartoons and shows that still blow a lot of today's content out of the water. Shows like Rugrats and Catdog, with their wit, layered characters, and just flat-out humor, spoke for themselves and made Nick a powerhouse that's kept its dominance through the tests of time.

Social media has infected the next generation, breeding a type for who it's physically impossible to sit and watch a TV show all the way through. Throwback to the days when you were just a kid who sat across from a TV, Dunkaroos in hand, engrossed in your favorite Nickelodeon cartoons. The best days were the ones where your fake sickness actually worked to get you out of school, and you could spend your morning watching Nick Jr. But when that didn't work, you still couldn't wait to get home to catch Stick Stickly introducing the TV-Y7 animated series. Those were the moments that stuck with you, and they were the reason why to this day you still love discussing your favorites. Just like we do. Here are our picks for The Best Old Nickelodeon Shows (that premiered before 2005, because let's be real, how can you call a relatively new show GOAT?).