Science fiction is one of the most diverse genres in film. Sci-fi movies often combine the best elements of action, drama, romance, mystery, horror, and thriller, into a creative version of some type of technology or future. Science fiction truly has something for everyone.

It’s taken decades for popular science fiction to become popular to the masses. The overwhelming success of films like E.T. and Star Wars led to not only a resurgence in sci-fi, but a renewed interest in sci-fi in popular culture. Plus, special effects have come a long way, so we get to see big-budget depictions beyond our wildest imaginations, spanning across superhero movies and other genres, too.

In recent years, we've gotten everything from new installments of the Star Wars and Mad Max films to Blade Runner and Jurassic Park remakes. We also get to see the genre kept alive in other related genres, including Marvel movies like Ant-Man. And the original content is only getting better, with movies like Snowpiercer and series like Black Mirror challenging our ideas about technology and the future. Whether you prefer your sci-fi films animated (shout out to Wall-E) or with a side of horror (word to Under the Skin), here are the best sci-fi movies on Netflix.