Director: Scott Sanders
Stars: Michael Jai White, Salli Richardson, Arsenio Hall, Tommy Davidson, Obba Babatunde, Kevin Chapman, Richard Edson, Brian McKnight, Buddy Lewis, Miguel A. Nunez, Jr., John Salley, Kym Whitley, Mykelti Williamson, Bokeem Woodbine, Cedric Yarbrough, Nicole Sullivan

Michael Jai White made it up to all 13 people who saw the disaster that was the Spawn film with Black Dynamite, another blaxploitation spoof. The film stars White as Vietnam veteran and ex-CIA agent Black Dynamite, the afro-sporting hero who seeks revenge on the mysterious group responsible for his brother Jimmy's death. After discovering that the same organization is supplying orphanages with heroin, Black Dynamite organizes his own team to take the evil faction down. Along the way, he charms activist Gloria Gray (Salli Richardson, who's still strikingly beautiful), winning her over thanks to his stand-up-guy nature. His quest to stop "The Man" eventually leads to an epic showdown at the White House with President Nixon.

Aside from proving that White (who co-wrote the film) could be funny, Black Dynamite expertly parodied blaxploitation films just as I'm Gonna Git You Sucka did two decades earlier. If Pootie Tang let you down (which it almost certainly did), Black Dynamite provided comedy, action, and a story that, while ridiculous, stays in line with the traditional themes of the genre. For instance, Black Dynamite was shot using Super 16 film, and intentional errors were written into the film as references to the low production qualities seen in blaxploitation films. Additionally, actors would often hilariously recite their stage dialogue before their lines.

The score was also important to the film's execution. Musical wizard Adrian Younge drew on inspiration from artists ranging from Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield to the Wu-Tang Clan to craft a soundtrack that truly drives the film. Released to critical acclaim, Black Dynamite's success led to the creation of an animated spin-off, which features original cast members White, Minns, Tommy Davidson, and Kym Whitley. Now, it seems that there might be a sequel in the works, too.